Leader of Reform UK Nigel Farage milkshaked while rallying supporters in Clacton-on-sea (Picture: Alamy)

At first sight Britain looks very different from the rise of the fascists and the conservatives across Europe at the European elections last weekend.

But there is no room for complacency. It’s true that broad anti-racist campaigning has held back the far right in Britain.

But that doesn’t mean the politics of racism and Islamophobia aren’t powerful here too.

The Tories have rammed through round after round of anti-migrant laws. They whip up Islamophobia against the Palestine movement.

And Nigel Farage’s racist Reform UK is rising in the polls—with some speculation it could match the Tory numbers.

At present Keir Starmer attracts many of those revolted by the Tories. But the poverty of Labour’s politics is clear as it bends to the racism of the Tories.

Its concessions allow far right rhetoric to seep into the working class. Anti-racists in Britain must show that racist, far right politics are not welcome here.

And we need to offer a fighting set of socialist politics that offer people a real way to deal with low pay, bad housing, a crumbling NHS and all the issues that racists try to use against migrants.

Join the actions of Stand Up To Racism around the election and back the fight against our real enemies—the rich, the bosses and the politicians who support them. Go to standuptoracism.org.uk


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