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It’s got so bad for the Conservatives, that their own paid for attack ad suggests that they could come third.

With the polls continuing to predict a Tory wipeout at the general election, giving the Labour Party an average 20-point lead, Sunak has failed thus far to reverse the trend since calling a general election.

Today is the day of the Tory manifesto launch and there are even reports that rebel Tories could launch an alternative manifesto should Sunak’s current proposals fall flat.

It follows on from a torrid week for the Prime Minister, who issued an apology after facing a backlash for leaving D-Day commemorations in France early so that he could record a political interview.

The Tories have begun warning voters online that Labour could win with a landslide in the July 4 UK general election, leading some to claim that the ruling party is in effect conceding defeat.

Now they have also started publishing attack ads suggesting that they could come third.

FT journalist Jim Pickard shared an example of such an ad published by the Conservative Party which warns that ‘Reform can’t win any seats. But they can help Keir Starmer win. Do you really want to hand Starmer a blank cheque?”

The post then has a bar chart underneath showing the Labour Party on 490 seats, with the Lib Dems on 61 and the Tories on 57.

Basit Mahmood is editor of Left Foot Forward

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