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The new Tory candidate in Tunbridge Wells has laid into his own party’s record, in an attempt to distance himself from the Conservatives who he said had ‘disappointed since 2019’.

Tunbridge Wells has traditionally been a Tory stronghold with Greg Clark its former MP since 2005, however this election could see a landmark change. 

Businessman Neil Mahapatra is the new Tory candidate standing in the general election and has taken the tact of distancing himself from his Party, in an attempt to win over voters. 

In a statement to the electorate, Mahapatra starts off by saying the Tory Party has “disappointed” since 2019, listing “some poor policies, worse implementation, infighting. Announcements in the rain”. 

He then apologises on behalf of the party stating, “we have let you down – I am so very sorry” before going on to state “but that’s NOT ME.”

The statement goes on: “I am a compassionate Conservative for the future. Tunbridge Wells has long chosen MPs of real stature, able to represent locally and influence nationally.”

The grovelling message is yet another damning indictment of the Tories record, coming from one of its own candidates. 

LBC broadcaster Iain Dale was initially the candidate for Tunbridge Wells, before abandoning his attempt after comments he made were widely circulated, in which he said he didn’t actually like living in the Kent town and “would happily live somewhere else”.

Hannah Davenport is news reporter at Left Foot Forward

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