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The UK economy flatlined in April, with the Office for National Statistics (ONS) reporting that there was zero growth, in yet another blow to Rishi Sunak who was hoping for good news on the economy in the run up to the election.

A Reuters news agency poll of economists had predicted the 0% performance given earlier evidence that wet weather had knocked retail sales and construction output particularly hard.

Sunak has made the economy a key part of his election campaign, repeatedly claiming that his plan ‘was working’ in a bid to appeal to voters. The zero growth in April comes after a 0.4 per cent period of growth in March.

Reacting to the latest ONS data, Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves said: “Rishi Sunak claims we have turned a corner, but the economy has stalled and there is no growth.

“These figures expose the damage done after 14 years of Conservative chaos.

“We are now in the third week of this general election campaign and in that time the Labour Party has set out its plan to grow the economy by bringing back stability, unlocking private sector investment and reforming our planning system.

“All the Conservatives are offering is more of the same, with a desperate wish list of unfunded spending promises that will mean £4,800 more on people’s mortgages. Rishi Sunak’s plan is a recipe for five more years of Tory chaos.”

Basit Mahmood is editor of Left Foot Forward

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