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Voters are so fed up with the Conservative Party that even a quarter of 2019 Tory voters think the Tories deserve to lose every seat at the election, a damning poll has revealed.

The poll, of 2,011 UK adults which was reported in the Telegraph and carried out by Public First, also found that ‘nearly half of all voters also think Rishi Sunak’s party deserves to be totally wiped out.’

The Telegraph reports: “Forty-six per cent of people agreed that the Tories “deserve to lose every seat they have”, including 24 per cent of those who voted for the party in 2019. Just 35 per cent disagreed with the statement.”

Breaking down the results by age group, the poll found that a majority in every age group, apart from those over 65, were in favour of the Tories losing all of their seats.

It comes as the Tories look to shift towards a more defensive strategy, warning voters against giving the Labour Party a ‘super majority’, leading to accusations that they have already accepted defeat.

One Tory strategist was quoted in the Times today, complaining that the strategy wasn’t working: “The strategy had been to hope that the polls narrowed and then warn voters of the danger of a hung parliament. But that’s just not credible any more”, they said.

“No matter what they say no one in the campaign team now believes that we’re going to come anywhere close to winning.”

Basit Mahmood is editor of Left Foot Forward

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