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Penny Mordaunt – the Tories’ representative on the ITV general election debate – had a rough time of it tonight. At one point, the audience literally laughed out loud at one of her claims.

Mordaunt was asked in the debate “be honest, do you think our education system is still world class?”

She started by saying: “I think it is still world class”. There was audible laughter from the audience after that.

Who can blame them for laughing at that claim when a recent poll found that over a quarter of parents have observed a shortage of qualified teachers in their child’s school and a fifth of parents report a lack of teaching resources in their child’s school. Who can blame them when analysis suggests pupils have lost £5,000 each in lost education through cuts since 2010?

Does that sound like a world class education system under the Tories?

Chris Jarvis is head of strategy and development at Left Foot Forward

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