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Boris Johnson is preparing a leadership comeback, seeing himself as the one man to save the Conservative party after a predicted brutal defeat and the rise of Nigel Farage, it has been reported. 

According to the former Prime Minister’s biographer Andrew Gimson, Johnson’s friends have said he has not given up plans of a comeback if the Tory Party is dealt (as predicted) a humiliating defeat at the general election and against Farage launching an opportunistic takeover bid. 

Writing in Conservative Home, Gimson said “it would be out of character for him not to do this”, comparing when Johnson entered the November 2019 leadership race as an ‘insurgent’ and someone chosen to appeal to discontented voters, as Gimson argued this is what Johnson would see of himself for the Tory Party now.

The move would be welcomed by the likes of Jacob Rees-Mogg, who recently called for Boris Johnson to be appointed a senior role again in the party, while also to embrace Reform UK into its ranks. Meanwhile Johnson cheerleader Nadine Dorries also made the case on Sunday speaking on BBC Politics that the reason the Conservative Party was down in the polls was partly because of the removal of Boris Johnson. 

It really says something about the state of the Tory Party and respectability in politics if a comeback from the law-breaking partygate Prime Minister presents its only hope of appealing to discontented voters in the face of an election wipeout.

(Image credit: Andrew Parsons / Number 10 – Creative Commons)

Hannah Davenport is news reporter at Left Foot Forward

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