Seats being fought for by the Prime Minister, Suella Braverman, Liz Truss and Priti Patel are included on the hit list where campaigners are encouraging voters to tactical vote, with the aim of dealing a devastating defeat to the Conservative party this general election. 

This morning the campaign group Best of Britain published its comprehensive tactical voting guide for getting a Conservative Party wipeout at the general election. 

The group, initially formed to fix problems Britain faced after Brexit, has released its tactical vote recommendations based on current MRP polling, local factors and the incumbent MP, in the hope of ensuring the smallest number of Tory or Reform UK MPs are elected. 

The guide recommends tactical voting for Labour in 370 seats, for the Lib Dems in 69, the Greens in three, SNP in seven and Plaid Cyrmu in two. They have not made recommendations in 181 seats. 

Highlighted are spotlight seats which include Rishi Sunak’s seat in Richmond and Northallerton where the campaign is encouraging a vote for Labour, who currently holds nearly 30% of the votes, compared to 36.52% for the Conservatives. 

Jeremy Hunt’s seat in Godalming and Ash and Theresa May’s former seat in Maidenhead are other spotlight seats the group think could swing if constituents use tactical voting. 

There is a list of ‘potential Portillo moment’ seats, a metaphor indicating a sudden or significant change in political fortunes, listing top Tories Penny Mordaunt, Grant Shapps, Robert Jenrich and James Cleverly’s battleground seats where voters are being encouraged to vote tactically. 

Best for Britain has also recommended voting for the Green Party in Brighton Pavilion, North Herefordshire and Waveney Valley, although not in Bristol Central where the party’s Co-leader Carla Denyer is running. 

In this election, the campaign group has argued that tactical voting will be “essential to preventing Nigel Farage gaining a foothold in Parliament”, as well as in preventing the Conservative party moving further to the right, by removing people from positions of influence within the party. 

The group has set up site for voters to find out how to tactically vote in their constituency.

(Image credit: Simon Walker / Number 10 Downing Street – Creative Commons)

Hannah Davenport is news reporter at Left Foot Forward

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