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Suella Braverman has been seriously ridiculed after viewers were left cringing over a TikTok video she released for her general election campaign.

In an attempt to win over young Conservative voters, the Tory candidate for Fareham and Waterlooville posted a bizarre TikTok video, as this election has seen politicians looking to engage with the younger generation of social media users. 

The former Home Secretary attempts to mime an audio clip from a viral TikTok video saying “I have a question for everybody, who wants to go to the four seasons Orlando” before she’s filmed with Tory campaigners holding placards as she struts down a road, and the video ends with a clip of the union jack flag. 

The reactions have been numerous and brutal, with cringed out viewers dubbing it a car crash campaign video, potentially the worst of the election so far. 

One X user said: “I feel a severe cringe when I see Tories creeping like this for the young vote. Especially while they’re pushing conscription. What do they take our young people for?”

TV personality Carol Vorderman questioned: “Worst promo video of the election so far ? Suella Braverman tries to get down wiv the Tory kidz.”

Another social media said: “Dear Politicians. Yes TikTok is a platform the “young people” are using, but this does not mean that you should get Barbara from your local association to create ‘banging content’ for your campaign because she’s “seen how her granddaughter TikToks””

Another user wrote on X: “Suella Braverman takes a break from her culture wars and from dehumanising migrants and protestors to “get down with the kids” in her new campaign. These people are an utter mess.”

Another commented: “I’ve really seen it all now.”

(Image credit: X screenshot)

Hannah Davenport is news reporter at Left Foot Forward

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