Labour leader Keir Starmer campaigns during manifesto launch (Photo: flickr/Keir Starmer)

The Labour manifesto dropped some of its key commitments. The most significant omission is that the NHS “is not for sale”.

The National Policy Forum document from October 2023 stated that, “Under Labour, the NHS is not for sale. Labour will always protect our NHS as a publicly funded service, free at the point of use.”

But, “the NHS is not for sale” is absent from the manifesto. The manifesto says that the NHS will “always be publicly owned and publicly funded”, but it leaves the question open about who will be providing the healthcare in the NHS.

Shadow health secretary Wes Streeting has committed to using private NHS contracts.

But this comes at the expense of investment into the NHS itself—private healthcare providers have made £10 million a week since 2012 from private contracts. Streeting wants to increase the NHS’ reliance on the private sector.

Labour has also dropped a number of housing pledges it had made.

It has maintained its commitment to building 1.5 million new homes, but it has scrapped its specific target for 40 percent of those homes to be affordable housing.

And a number of pledges made for the private rental sector are absent from the manifesto.

Labour previously pledged longer notice periods for private rents, the introduction of a national landlord register and a legally binding Decent Homes Standard.

The national landlords’ register would have forced landlords to submit independent evidence of property and management compliance, like gas safe certificates and electrical tests. But all these pledges are absent in the manifesto highlighting Labour’s abandonment of supporting working class people.

The manifesto also dropped the homeownership target of 70 percent.

Labour has also dropped its green spending pledge.

Previously a £28 billion yearly commitment to green infrastructure, it has been cut to roughly £4.7 billion a year.

The commitments dropped by the Labour Party show the trend of Starmer’s leadership.


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