Tommy Robinson has called for a vote for Nigel Farage (Photo: wikimedia)

Fascist Tommy Robinson—founder of the English Defence League—endorsed Nigel Farage and Reform UK in a social media video last Sunday.

Nigel Farage’s winning over the people and he’s putting across our arguments to the nation very skillfully and in a great way. There is only one option at this election and that is Reform UK,” he said.

The fact that Robinson—an Islamophobe who calls for “foreigners out” and dubs Palestine protesters “terrorist scum”—gives them endorsement is a testament to how vile Reform UK’s racism is.

And Robinson has called for a protest on 27 July—a “march for freedom”, in his words. He will spew his vile racism out on the streets.

Speaking about the demonstration, he said, “You will realise on 4 July how desperately we need a cultural movement. On 27 July, we’re going to take over London.”

Robinson and his street thugs must be opposed. Stand Up To Racism (SUTR) has called a counter-demonstration—anti-racists from across Britain must fight to show that fascists are not welcome on our streets.

So far the election has been one full of racist attacks on migrants and refugees. It’s been one where both far-right Farage and fascist Robinson, enabled by the Tories and Labour’s peddling of racism, have been trying to mobilise people around them.

We need a principled anti-racism that fights back—and makes no compromises with racist lies.

SUTR Unite Against Fascist Tommy Robinson demonstration, Saturday 27 July. More details released soon

Racists want refugees to die and less tax for rich

Reform UK launched its manifesto on Monday—a document full of racism towards refugees and tax cuts for corporations.

It promises to freeze “non-essential migration” and “pick up illegal migrants out of boats and take them back to France”. Reform UK would rather refugees drown than reach safety.

It promises to “protect our culture, identity and values”, force through £50 billion in austerity cuts, and abandon all net zero climate targets.

Nigel Farage says this is necessary because Britain is “broken socially” and “in decline culturally”. “We have begun to forget who we are, what our history is and what we stand for”, he said.

It’s all lies.

He is selling racist myths in exchange for votes.

Farage claims to be different from the political class—but he’s one of them, just another politician at the top seeking to divide ordinary people.

Bigots attracted to Reform

A Reform UK election candidate previously urged people to vote for the fascist British National Party (BNP)—and was forced to resign by Reform UK last Sunday.

Grant StClair-Armstrong, who is standing in the seat of North West Essex, posted, “I could weep now, every time I pick up a British newspaper and read the latest about the state of Britain.

“No doubt, Enoch Powell would be doing the same if he was alive. My solution… vote BNP!”

He’s calling for a vote for a Nazi organisation that was dedicated to creating an “all white Britain”. To have a candidate that calls for a BNP vote shows the racists that Reform UK attracts.

And StClair-Armstrong used a blog to post “jokes” using racial slurs about Chinese and Pakistani people and a “joke” about “female hormones”. Reform UK was forced into action after his comments attracted outcry. It was fearful of losing votes. But there are many more like StClair-Armstrong in its ranks


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