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Former Tory Minister for London and Trade Policy has been brutally mocked after posting a bizarre election campaign anecdote where he boasts about winning a vote from Count Binface. 

Greg Hands is standing for re-election in the London constituency of Chelsea & Fulham where he is barely clinging on to his lead over Labour, according to the latest polls. Hands has been an MP since 2005, however has expressed fears that, due to boundary changes, his seat was “on the frontline” of the Conservative general election battle. 

While reflecting on his encounters with the public when out door knocking,  the Tory Minister claimed he had gained a vote from the satirical candidate Count Binface. 

Hands wrote on X: “Interesting response on one doorstep:

““My son normally says he votes for Count Binface, but he’s seen the polls and is voting for you.”

“#BinfaceToHandsSwing #VoteGregHands”

Despite what Hands post suggests, Count Binface is not a candidate in his constituency, but is standing in Rishi Sunak’s Richmond and Northallerton seat this general election, and is known for making fun of politicians. 

Count Binface ran in the London mayoral election and describes himself as an intergalactic space warrior. Among his pledges was a cap on the price of croissants and to give royal palaces to the homeless. 

His encounter was pulled into question while social media users seized the opportunity to make fun of the Tories performance so far in this general election campaign.

One X user noted the flaw in the account: “Weird anecdote, because Count Binface has never stood in Greg Hands’ seat at any general election.”

Another said: “Over 24 hours later and this is still cracking me up. No it’s not a parody and he also thought this was some kind of win against a man whose sole mission is set on mocking idiotic MPs.”

X user dave lawrence gave Greg a brutal response.

Commenting on Hands anecdote, the social media user said: “He obviously wants to stick with the habit of a lifetime and vote for the no hope joke candidate.”


Hannah Davenport is news reporter at Left Foot Forward

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