A child stands amid the horror and destruction of the Israeli regime in Gaza (Photo: wikimedia)

With the British media focused on the general election, it’s crucial to remember the continuing horror and resistance in Gaza.

There has been no let-up in Israeli attacks. On Wednesday afternoon Gaza’s Health Ministry said Israeli assaults had killed 60 people and injured 140 in the last 24 hours.

The latest casualties brought Gaza’s total death toll since 7 October to 37,718, with an additional 86,377 wounded.

The Save the Children agency said up to 21,000 children are missing in the chaos of Israel’s destruction on Gaza, many trapped beneath rubble, buried in unmarked graves and lost from their families. The agency said that others have been forcibly “disappeared”.

This includes an unknown number the Israel has detained and transferred out of Gaza. Their whereabouts are unknown to their families amidst reports of ill-treatment and torture.

According to Gaza’s ministry of health, Israel’s genocidal policies have killed more than 14,000 children since 7 October. Half have not yet been fully identified, partially due to their bodies being mutilated beyond recognition.

Children are also among those recently found in mass graves, according to United Nations, with many showing signs of torture and executions, as well as potential instances of people buried alive.

Gaza’s Civil Defence said on Thursday the level of destruction left behind after Israel’s bombardment of the Beit Lahiya city in northern Gaza “defies imagination”.

Starvation is growing

The Israeli policy of starving Palestinians is tightening. People are so altered they sometimes don’t recognise each other.

Mercy Corps, an aid organization working in Gaza, says, ““The fact that the entire population of Gaza is at emergency levels of hunger with nearly 500,000 people starving should come as no surprise, as the world has been watching Gaza’s humanitarian crisis worsen for nine months.

“The Rafah offensive brought the aid response to a halt, thwarting the ability of humanitarian organisations to mitigate the suffering of 2.15 million people who are experiencing severe food insecurity. 

“People are enduring subhuman conditions, resorting to desperate measures like boiling weeds, eating animal feed, and exchanging clothes for money to stave off hunger and keep their children alive.”

Footage shared online, and verified by Al Jazeera news, shows dozens of Palestinians in Gaza’s Jabalia camp lining up with bowls before an aid distribution point.

One resident said they had waited three hours to get a “small amount of soup”, which they said would not be enough to feed the 15 people waiting at home.

“The suffering in northern Gaza is unforgivable,” said another resident queueing for food. “Since the 1948 war, there has been no such famine. If it were not for these aid projects, we would have lost our lives with hunger.”

Abu Mustafa, a resident of Gaza City, told the Reuters news agency. “I have lost over 25 kilos of my weight.

“People meet in the street and many can’t recognise one another because of weight loss and older looks,” he added.

Palestinian resistance shakes Israel’s military and finances

Israel’s military, desperate for fresh forces because of the determination of the Palestinian resistance, plans to create a new unit composed of retirees and volunteers.

It will include ultra-Orthodox citizens who are usually exempted, according to Israeli news site Walla. The unit, called Brigade 96 or “David’s Division”, is expected to have 40,000 personnel, both men and women.

Israel’s government has moved forward with a bill that increases the retirement age of reservists by one year. It’s an effort to boost troop numbers more than eight months into the Gaza war.

Israel’s Supreme Court recently ruled that the army must conscript the country’s ultra-Orthodox Jews, a decision that could split Binyamin Netanyahu’s coalition government.

Ultra-Orthodox parties are part of the government and without their support, it will collapse and force new elections. But the court said Israel’s compulsory military service applies to the ultra-Orthodox like every other citizen.

Israel’s government is also imposing a tax on all workers’ wages because of the cost of its attack on Gaza, according to the Israeli Hayom newspaper.

The tax will be equivalent to one working day, deducted from employees’ June salaries, the report said.

Stop the War workplace day of action—Don’t vote for genocide, welfare not warfare on Thursday 27 June. Details at com/STW24June
National Palestine solidarity protest—End the genocide, stop arming Israel on Saturday 6 July. Details at com/6JulyPalDemo


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