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The Green Party co-leader Adrian Ramsay made a powerful defence of migration during his appearance on the Question Time special. 

He was addressing a question from the audience about the party’s “broad migration policy” and was asked “how will you ensure public services will cope?”

Ramsay started by saying he thought is was “absolutely right and humane” that people should be allowed to bring their dependents with them on a work visa, something the Tories have legislated to stop. 

He called for a “calm discussion in this country about how we address the issue of migration”, and said “we have always benefited from people coming to the UK” which received a round of applause from the audience. 

He went on, “we benefit economically we benefit socially” and mentioned the “horrific” comments that were exposed on Channel 4 about Reform UK candidates as he said it was a reminder of “just how much of a dark future we could be heading in if people back him and Reform.”

Nigel Farage the leader of Reform UK will be tested after the Green Party co-leader by an audience in Birmingham during the Question Time Leaders’ Special tonight (28 June). 

During his half an hour appearance, Ramsay went on to make a powerful, rallying defence of migration.

He said: “I think we need to recognise the value and skills that people bring and the people who support my family and I’m sure have supported yours in the NHS, we need to welcome the skills they bring to this country.

“I don’t think anyone wants to see the horrific scenes of people risking their lives coming across the Channel on small boats. We have a proud record in this country of welcoming people who are fleeing war or poverty or climate which is increasingly affecting poorer countries around the world. 

“We need to play our role internationally working with all countries around the world.”

He went on to call for an increase in the aid budget and climate finance to support other countries against the growing issue of the climate crisis.

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