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Nigel Farage was laughed at by the Question Time audience for his ridiculous response after being grilled repeatedly about why Reform candidates who made offensive comments were still standing in his party. 

Farage was well and truly put through it during his appearance on the Leaders’ Question Time debate  on BBC about the numerous recent reports about candidates and campaigners for Reform making racist, islamophobic and transphobic comments. 

The first question put to Farage was ‘what is it about your party that attracts racists?’ which received a round of applause from the audience. Farage went on to claim that he had done more to drive the far right out of British politics than anyone else alive.

Fiona Bruce went on to read out some of the racist and disturbing comments made by Reform UK candidates, as Farage was grilled about why some of them were still allowed to stand in the general election. 

Farage then claimed he had used a vetting company and that was the first of “a series of the establishment not wanting us to do well.”

Despite being repeatedly interrupted by Farage, Fiona Bruce put the question to him again after his refusal to answer, “these comments have been widely reported, you don’t need a vetting company to find them.. why are they still standing as your candidates?”

Farage claimed in most cases the candidates had been “disowned”, before he then referred to the candidate Leslie Lilley and said “what he said is criminal”, to which Bruce put it to him yet again “so why is he your candidate?”

To which Farage answered: “I have no idea why this man…” which was cut off by a burst of laughter from the audience and incredulity from Bruce who reminded him “but you’re the leader”, to which he hit back “I wasn’t”, to which she said “but you are now”.

The audience did not hold back from laying in to the Reform leader as the next guest asked Farage, “when will you start saying sorry and stop making excuses?” which also received a round of applause. Farage said he would “not apologise.”

By the end of the grilling on the topic Farage seemed peeved by the line of questioning holding him to account.

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