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Reform UK leader Nigel Farage has been rinsed online after his latest attack on the BBC, where he accused the broadcaster of being a ‘political actor’ during the general election campaign.

Appearing on right-wing channel GB News, Farage was asked why he was boycotting the BBC, to which he replied: “Right from the start of this campaign, the BBC have behaved like a political actor, I remember the first interview I did on the Today programme and I came off there and thought ‘there’s no point’!

The arch Brexiteer claimed that there was ‘no opportunity to talk about policy or ideas’, before he took aim at the audience on BBC Question Time seemingly for just asking him challenging questions, something he’s probably not used to from the right-wing media establishment.

One social media user on X shared a clip of Farage’s appearance on GB News where he explained his boycott with the words: “Nigel Farage is simply not used to audiences that challenge him in the way politicians are routinely challenged.

“It’s a culture shock to him.”

Another added: “Might want to check how many times he and his cronies got on Question Time compared to their representation.”

John Fitzpatrick also slammed Farage for his rank hypocrisy. He posted on X: “@Nigel_Farage always complains he doesn’t get enough media attention, when he gets it, he doesn’t like the questions he’s asked. He doesn’t like being held to account. So he blames the broadcaster or person asking the question.”

Looks like people aren’t falling for Farage’s bulls**t.

Basit Mahmood is editor of Left Foot Forward

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