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Football legend Gary Neville has taken apart the Tories in a single tweet, setting out their awful record in office, as he slammed the Conservative Party for having the ‘cheek to  question Keir Starmer’s work ethic’.

The former England and Manchester United footballer took to X to slam the Tories after they claimed, falsely, that Labour Party leader Keir Starmer ‘said he’d clock off work at 6pm if he became Prime Minister’.

In an interview on Monday, Starmer told Virgin Radio that he would not work past 6 p.m. on a Friday if he becomes PM later this week — a routine he has kept for years.

Starmer said he uses this “protected time” to do activities with his two children and has also previously described his regular Friday night sabbath dinners with his wife’s Jewish family as “a rock in the week.”

The Labour leader did not say that he would stop working after 6pm every day of the week, as the Tories have tried to make out. Their claim on X has had a community label slapped on it, given its inaccuracy.

Reacting to the story, Neville posted on X: “They partied , they bet on elections , they crashed the economy, they broke every public service, they destroyed integrity and honesty in public office , they paid their mates billions , they put their friends in the House of Lords, they gave their cronies knighthoods, they went into the jungle , they lied again and again, they were convicted by police, they went on holiday when they shouldn’t  and they have the cheek to question Keir Starmer’s work ethic.

“I would never take anything for granted but I hope they are annihilated on Thursday. The worst people and government we have ever had!”

Reacting to Neville’s post, one social media user wrote: “Hard not to agree with every word of this. It is a shame that the mainstream media had not held them to account from day one as they certainly would have been ousted much earlier had they.”

Basit Mahmood is editor of Left Foot Forward

Image credit: University of Salford – Creative Commons

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