Fight on the streets at the next national Palestine demonstration on 6 July (Photo: Guy Smallman)

The best way to meet the new government is to be on the streets—and not to wave a Union Jack for Keir Starmer.

This Saturday is the 15th national Palestine demonstration in London. It calls to, “End the genocide and stop arming Israel”. The demands can be even harder—break all ties with Israel.

Protesters have rightly raged at the Tories and Labour for their complicity in the murder, brutalisation and destruction of lives and homes in Gaza.

The new government comes as disease and starvation run rampant—and the Israeli leaders talk of escalating war into Lebanon. We must resist yet more words of support to Israel.

The Palestine protests must be even louder and angrier, more vibrant and militant than they have been for the last nine months against Zionism and its backers.

And the rising threat of racism and fascism won’t be held back after the election, regardless of the result.

Anti-fascists have to build the biggest mobilisation possible to confront Nazi Tommy Robinson in London on Saturday 27 July—and send him back to the gutter where he belongs.

Backing every form of workers’ fightback—and agitating for escalation—is the best chance to make a difference.

Let’s step up the battles rather than trusting those at the top. We have to show a new government that business as usual isn’t acceptable. Strike, protest, fight and revolt.

Join the national demonstration for Palestine on 6 July (
Join Stand Up To Racism and mobilise against Tommy Robinson on 27 July (


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