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The general election exit poll has now been published, projecting what the likely outcome will be. Polling firm Ipsos UK ran the poll, which consisted of interviews conducted outside key polling stations across the country.

In a stunning moment, the exit poll suggested that Labour are on track to secure an historic landslide victory, picking up 410 seats. The Tories meanwhile are projected to win just 131 seats. As for the other parties, the exit poll indicates the likely results will be:

Lib Dems – 61

Reform – 13

SNP – 10

Plaid Cymru – 4

Green – 2

The exit poll is not a formal result. Counting will be taking place in all 650 of the UK’s constituencies throughout the night.

Left Foot Forward will be providing coverage of all the results live.

Chris Jarvis is head of strategy and development at Left Foot Forward

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