Nigel Farage, Reform UK leader, wasn’t happy with anti-racists (Picture: Guy Smallman)

Campaign group Stand Up To Racism (SUTR) disrupted Reform UK leader Nigel Farage’s press conference in Westminster on Friday. 

Some eight SUTR activists took on Farage on the day he won a seat in Clacton, Essex. Reform UK won five seats with around 14 percent of the total vote. Richard Tice, chair of Reform UK and recently elected in the Boston and Skegness, also attended the event.

The first protestor immediately heckled Farage as soon as he began to speak. “You want to sell off the NHS. You’re racist,” he shouted. After security forcibly removed the protester, the second activist instantly continued the barrage. 

As Farage quipped, “This is good preparation for the House of Commons I suppose,” the third protester stood up to slam Farage’s racist politics. 

Farage asked, “Anymore for anymore?” as the crowd booed the demonstrators. The fourth protester announced, “Actually yes! Nigel, you’re a fraud!”

One Reform supporter can be heard to ask, “What is going on?” amid the consecutive interventions from the floor. 

Some SUTR protesters spoke to Socialist Worker after their intervention. Raj, an anti-racist activist, said, “It’s important to show that there’s a resistance, and give people the confidence to resist as well.

“We’ve already seen how toxic the debate has become, how the focus has shifted onto migrants, asylum seekers and refugees.

“This has been a long time coming. The centre ground is offering no solutions to the problem. In fact they are the problem, and that leads people to looking for alternatives.” 

Jo, an SUTR activist in London, said, “I think it’s important that people know this is a man that can be challenged and should be challenged.

“Everywhere he goes, he should face resistance for the division he is trying to sow into our communities.”

Protester Sue from Manchester agreed. “It’s important that we put a marker down and say that Farage isn’t welcome here,” she said. “He’s a rich conservative, he’s a racist, he’s here to attack the NHS and divide us.

“If we don’t do anything, there is a strong chance of racism and fascism growing in Britain. But that is not inevitable, and it does depend on what we do. And we can do something to stop it.

“We have to build a really broad based campaign. It has to go into the unions, into the colleges, into the schools, into the estates and everywhere.” 

Jo agreed, saying, “What’s important now is that we are a part of anti-racist resistance. We have to galvanise those people together.”

The anti-racist movement must escalate to challenge Farage and the rise of the far right. 


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