At London Trans+ Pride last year (Picture: Guy Smallman)

The sixth London Trans+ Pride, set for Saturday 27 July, calls for justice and liberation under the slogan, “None of us are free until all of us are free.”

Trans+ Pride was due to meet at Trafalgar Square. But organisers have moved the start point after Nazi Tommy Robinson announced his hate march will also depart from the location on the same day.

London Trans+ Pride will instead assemble at Langham Place, near the BBC, then march down Regent Street and Piccadilly to Wellington Arch.

Stand Up To Racism (SUTR) has called a counter-protest against Robinson, and many anti-fascists plan to join London Trans+ Pride afterwards.

The previous London Trans+ Prides—a radical alternative to the corporatised London Pride—have been a show of resistance to the Tories’ attacks. Marchers celebrate gender expression and sexuality while defying the relentless hate from the top. They have grown each year, with 25,000 people marching in 2023.

On recent trans+ prides trade unionists have also organised a bloc—their presence is vital to make sure unions commit to supporting trans+ people. The bloc also shows that fighting against oppression and for liberation is a working class issue.

The Tories’ scapegoating of trans+ people has had a violent reality with hate crimes rising by 11 percent in 2023—hitting a record high. This has given confidence to thugs like Robinson to organise their fascist rallies at the same time as pride.

Robinson and Nazis like him are the enemy of trans+ people, as well as other minorities who have been the target of attacks, from Muslims to migrants.

His supporters beat up a trans woman at an anti-racist protest in Cheshire in 2019. And Robinson himself believes “there are only two genders” and endorses any who attack trans+ people.

His mates like Laurence Fox—who shared the stage at his last rally—called Pride month an “indoctrination” of children. Fox regularly calls drag queen paedophiles and trans+ healthcare “child mutilation”.

Now, in the first month of a Labour government, it’s even more important that this year’s pride is the biggest yet.

Keir Starmer’s government is no friend to trans+ people—and he won’t stop the likes of Robinson from growing in confidence. Health secretary Wes Streeting has said Labour would “modernise and reform” gender laws. But Labour will not remove the need for a medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria.

Labour also plans to implement the backwards Cass review that effectively bans healthcare for trans+ youth.

Days after the hated Cass Review was released, Streeting immediately said he was wrong to “write off” gender-critical bigots. And, after “self-criticism and reflection”, he said he was wrong to have previously agreed that “trans men are men, trans women are women”.

Starmer himself said he would not reverse the Tories’ education ban that blocks schools from even mentioning transgender people or identities. “I’m not in favour of ideology being taught in our schools on gender,” he said. He also “hopes” to meet with vicious transphobes like JK Rowling.

Asked this year whether trans people should have access to single-sex spaces Starmer said, “No. They don’t have that right. They shouldn’t.”

These attacks and rollbacks only encourage fascists and bigots to spread their bile and violence. 

Anti-racists, LGBT+ activists and trade unionists must mobilise for 27 July. Fascists cannot be allowed to intimidate trans+ people in the streets—or anywhere else. And activists have to demand more of the Labour government in the face of rising hate.

Unite against Tommy Robinson on 27 July, assemble at Russell Square 12pm to march to Trafalgar Square WC1B. Called by Stand Up To Racism. More details can be found at 
Gather for London Trans+ Pride at 1pm at Langham Place outside the BBC, W1A 1AA to march at 2pm. Donate to London Trans+ Pride 


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